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A Buddhist Perspective on Tristan and Isolde

Mary Elizabeth Williams (Isolde) in Tristan and Isolde. © Sunny Martini

Seattle Opera subscriber Dr. Chris Rebholz, a training Buddhist, discusses Wagner’s Tristan with Seattle Opera Dramaturg Jonathan Dean. Fascinated by Buddhism when he wrote Tristan and Isolde, Wagner created an opera all about compassion, karma, need, enlightenment, and the problem of reconciling each typical and supreme actuality (aka “Day vs. Night time”). Dr. Rebholz teaches grownup courses on Buddhism at Seattle’s Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. A medical and forensic psychologist, in non-public observe, who makes a speciality of evaluating neurodiverse adults for healthcare and the courts, she teaches company seminars on neurodiversity in addition to persevering with authorized training on problems with psychological well being and the legislation.




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