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Aegon Turns into King & Rhaenys Escapes – Hollywood Life

House of the Dragon

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All is quiet in King’s Touchdown at first of Home of the Dragon episode 9. Eerily quiet. A younger servant walks via the Purple Preserve within the early hours of the morning. He tells one of many servants, one in all Mysaria’s spies, that the king is lifeless. She instantly goes to inform Alicent.

Alicent goes to her father the information. He calls for to know who’s conscious of the king’s loss of life. Her handmaid is aware of and a number of the servants. She reveals what Viserys mentioned to her in his ultimate moments. “He advised me he wished for Aegon to be king… It’s the reality. Out of his personal lips. His final phrases to me, and I used to be the one to listen to it. And now he’s lifeless,” Alicent says.

The small council assembles and Otto breaks the information about Viserys’ loss of life. “He has left us a present. Together with his final breath, he impressed upon the queen his ultimate want that his son, Aegon, ought to succeed him as Lord of the Seven Kingdoms,” Otto tells the council.

Everyone seems to be silent for a beat till Tyland Lannister says they need to go together with the king’s blessing. Alicent appears stunned by the response. Otto will get to work on establishing Aegon as king. Apparently, a lot of the small council has been plotting this for a while with out her figuring out.

Lyman Beesbury is the one one to talk up in protection of Rhaenyra. He doesn’t imagine Alicent’s claims. “That is seizure. That is theft. That is treason as a minimum,” he says. Lyman needs no a part of this plot. Criston tells him to take a seat down after which kills him.

Otto Needs Rhaenyra Lifeless

Lord Westerling attracts his sword and orders Criston to take away his cloak and solid down his sword. It isn’t till Alicent tells Criston to cool down that he does. “The door stays shut till we end our enterprise,” Otto says as Lyman’s blood continues to spill out onto the desk.

Tyland brings up that Storm’s Finish is of concern for them. Alicent asks about Rhaenyra. Otto says that Rhaenyra can be given the choice to swear allegiance to Aegon. Alicent is aware of that Rhaenyra won’t ever bend the knee, nor will Daemon. “You propose to kill her?” Alicent asks. Everybody stays silent. Otto says it’s a sacrifice they have to make to be able to guarantee Aegon’s succession. After which there’s the Daemon of all of it.

Alicent is aware of full nicely that Viserys didn’t want for his daughter’s homicide. Tyland needs to know what Alicent would recommend as a substitute, however she comes up with nothing. Otto orders Lord Westerling to take his knights to Dragonstone and be “fast” and “clear” about killing Rhaenyra.

Lord Westerling doesn’t reply. He simply takes off his white cloak. “I acknowledge no authority however the king’s. And till there’s one. I’ve no place right here,” he says earlier than strolling out.

Alicent and Otto go on the lookout for Aegon. He’s not in his rooms with Helaena and the youngsters. “There’s a beast beneath the boards,” Helaena mutters once more as she refuses her mom’s contact.

When pressed by Otto, Ser Erryk doesn’t know the place Aegon is. Otto calls for that Erryk and his brother, Arryk, discover Aegon and produce the prince straight to him. Nobody can know they’re out on the lookout for Aegon, not even Alicent.

The Search For Aegon

Rhaenys is locked in her room whereas the hunt for Aegon is on. Nobody who works on the Purple Preserve is allowed to depart till Aegon is discovered. Criston is ready to discover out about Otto’s plan and tells Alicent. Alicent needs Aegon to be introduced straight to her. She steps nearer to him and mentions “the whole lot” he feels for her to verify her level comes throughout crystal clear. Aemond needs to go along with Criston. He is aware of the place Aegon’s haunts are within the metropolis.

Otto has the leaders of different homes delivered to the throne room to swear their loyalty to Aegon. Many kneel however some don’t. Nobody is allowed to depart with out declaring their intention. “I’m no oath breaker. I can’t bend the knee,” one man says. Others start to kneel. “Home Fell retains its sworn oath to the princess,” a lady says. They’re led away to their deaths. Lord Allun Caswell kneels after that. Lord Allun tries to depart King’s Touchdown however is caught and delivered to Otto earlier than being killed.

Erryk and Arryk lurk across the metropolis on the lookout for Aegon. Erryk is aware of that Aegon frequents this baby battle membership of kinds and spots one in all Aegon’s bastard kids. Erryk thinks Aegon is unfit to rule. A lady comes as much as them and divulges that the White Worm, a.okay.a. Mysaria, is aware of the place Aegon is. Nonetheless, Mysaria needs an viewers with Otto and Otto solely.

Aemond reveals to Criston that Aegon has little interest in his birthright. “It’s I who must be…” Aemond says however doesn’t end his sentence. He later quips, “I’m subsequent in line to the throne. Ought to they arrive on the lookout for me, I intend to be discovered.”

‘You Ought to Have Been Queen’

Alicent takes Viserys’ crown and locations it on his physique. She breaks down into tears earlier than going to see Rhaenys. Alicent reveals that Viserys is lifeless. “And also you’re usurping the throne,” Rhaenys says. Alicent has come to ask for help, however she does it with a grimy hand. She brings up Corlys, Laenor, and Laena.

“It’s best to have been queen,” Alicent says to Rhaenys. She continues, “We don’t rule however we could information the boys who do.” Rhaenys admits that Alicent is wiser than she thought. “A real queen counts the price of her individuals,” Alicent says. Rhaenys replies, “And but you toil nonetheless in service to males.” She whispers in Alicent’s ear, “Have you ever by no means imagined your self on the Iron Throne?” Alicent leaves Rhaenys in her room. She will be able to’t go away till she has a solution about her allegiance.

Otto heads into the town and meets with Mysaria. “He’s safely tucked away,” Mysaria says. Mysaria needs money and an finish to the “savage use of youngsters in Flea Backside.” She additionally needs Otto to recollect this when Aegon is king, “Bear in mind it was me who put him there.”

Erryk and Arryk do discover Aegon. He tries to run away, however he’s caught and introduced outdoors the town partitions. They’re met by Criston and Aemond. Criston and Erryk battle, whereas Aemond tackles Aegon to the bottom. “I’ve no want to rule. No style for responsibility,” Aegon admits.

Alicent and Otto come face-to-face after having two very separate plans for Aegon. “Our hearts had been by no means one. I see that now,” Alicent says. She’s lastly realized she has solely been a chess piece in her father’s sport. She calls for that they proceed now as she sees match. Otto warns that if Rhaenyra stays alive, these loyal to her will rally behind her and search for her return. Alicent believes mercy should be proven to Rhaenyra.

Otto believes Rhaenyra to be Alicent’s weak spot. Alicent ignores her father and installs Criston as the brand new Lord Commander. All of King’s Touchdown should witness Aegon’s ascent. He’ll take the Conqueror’s namesake and wield Blackfyre.

Rhaenys Escapes & Aegon Adjustments His Tune

After coping with her father, Alicent has to have an viewers with Larys. He’s the explanation why Otto discovered Aegon first. As a way to get extra data, she should entertain him along with her ft. Gross.

He reveals that there’s a internet of spies at work within the Purple Preserve, one in all which is her lady-in-waiting. There is just one method to destroy Otto’s benefit within the Purple Preserve and that’s to do away with Mysaria. “If you want it, it will likely be finished,” Larys guarantees earlier than pleasuring himself in entrance of the queen. Similar to Rhaenys mentioned, Alicent is at all times in service to males.

Erryk goes to Rhaenys’ chambers and provides her a means out. “I can not let this treachery stand,” Erryk tells Rhaenys about Alicent and Otto’s plan to have Aegon usurp the crown. Erryk will get Rhaenys out of the Purple Preserve. She doesn’t need to go away her dragon, Meleys. Erryk is aware of that Alicent and Otto’s individuals can be on the lookout for her there. They get pulled away from one another within the crowd.

Alicent rides with Aegon to the Dragonpit. “My father by no means needed this,” Aegon tells his mom. He is aware of that Viserys by no means modified his thoughts. “He didn’t like me,” Aegon says. He even laughs when Alicent says that Viserys wished this on his deathbed.

When she exhibits him Viserys’ dagger, that’s when Aegon begins to alter his tune. He picks it up. Alicent stresses to him that Otto goes to need him to kill Rhaenyra, however he should keep away from that. “It’s essential to not rule with cruelty and callousness,” she says.

Rhaenys & Meleys Rise From Beneath The Boards

The gang gathers to look at Aegon be topped. Otto tells the gang that this was Viserys’ dying want. Rhaenys is watching this all go down till she sees her second to flee right down to Meleys beneath.

Criston crowns Aegon the brand new king with Aegon the Conqueror’s crown. They should bow earlier than him… even Otto. Nonetheless, Aemond noticeably doesn’t. When Aegon hears the cheers from the gang, that’s when the whole lot modifications for him. The love and adoration he’s been in search of all this time has lastly come to him.

Abruptly, Rhaenys and Meleys burst up from beneath, killing civilians and destroying part of the Dragonpit within the course of. That is the beast beneath the boards Helaena warned Alicent about. Rhaenys has the chance to kill Alicent, Otto, Aegon, and everybody else proper then and there. Alicent stands in entrance of Aegon able to die. Nonetheless, Rhaenys exhibits all of them mercy, however she points a warning with Meleys’ fireless roar. This implies conflict.



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