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Imogen Monologue (Act 3 Scene 6)

Cymbeline is one among Shakespeare’s most difficult performs to deal with. Written in the direction of the tip of Shakespeare’s profession, the play appears to veer away from his conventional constructions and tropes. On this play he appears to be breaking kind and experimenting with the boundaries of theatre and storytelling. Cymbeline has layers upon layers of sub plots and deceits, characters from vastly completely different worlds stacked on high of one another and magical dream-like sequences like one thing out of a fairy story. And on the centre of this all, we now have Imogen. Imogen is one among Shakespeare’s most implausible characters, and it’s a disgrace that the inaccessibility of the play appears to restrict individuals’s confidence in selecting to play her. Imogen is defiant and brave, and we meet her on this monologue after she has run away from residence dressed as a person to avoid wasting her life after being betrayed by a number of males. Let’s have a look.


So this play takes place in Historic Britain, in the course of the Roman occupation. Cymbeline is the King of Britain, and about 20 years in the past two of his sons had been stolen from him by somebody known as Belarius, leaving him with one little one, his daughter Imogen. Cymbeline discovers that Imogen has married her lover Posthumus in secret and banishes Posthumus, as a result of he feels that Imgoen being his solely inheritor, should produce an inheritor of her personal of full royal blood. In the meantime the Queen is conspiring to have her son from a earlier marriage, Clotten, marry Imogen, and to then poison her and King Cymbeline taking the throne for herself. She goes to the court docket physician to obtain what she thinks is poison, however is actually a innocent sleeping potion switched out by the physician who’s suspicious of her. She passes the potion onto Imogen and Posthumus’ servant below the guise of medication. Imogen, heartbroken, hides herself away in her chambers, and away from Clotten aggressive advances.

So Posthumus has been banished to Italy. Whereas there he meets Iachamo. Iachamo bets Posthumus that he can seduce Imogen and produce him again proof. If he wins he will get Posthumus wedding ceremony bracelet and if he loses he has to pay Posthumus and battle him in a duel. And so he goes to Britain the place he aggressively tries to seduce Imogen who strongly shuts him down, and sends him packing. So Iachamo hides in a chest in Imogen’s chamber and waits for her to sleep. As soon as she’s sleeping he comes out, takes the bracelet and takes notes of the mole on Imogen’s chest as proof that he gained the wager. Returning to Rome he manages to persuade Posthumus that he gained the wager and this sends Posthumus right into a rage. He sends two letters: one to Imogen, telling her to satisfy him at Milford Haven on the Welsh coast, one other to their servant, ordering him to kill her at Milford Haven. Nonetheless, Pisanio refuses to kill Imogen and divulges to her Posthumus’s plot. He has Imogen disguise herself as a boy and proceed to Milford Haven to hunt employment. He additionally provides her the Queen’s “poison”, believing it should alleviate her psychological misery. Within the guise of a boy, Imogen adopts the title “Fidele”, which means “devoted”.

Again on the British court docket, Cymbeline is refusing to pay his taxes to Rome. He’s warned by ambassadors to Rome that if he doesn’t he and his kingdom might be invaded by the Roman military. In the meantime, Cloten learns of the “assembly” between Imogen and Posthumus at Milford Haven. Dressing himself in Posthumus’s garments, he decides to go to Wales to kill Posthumus, after which rape, abduct, and marry Imogen towards her will. Imogen has been travelling by means of the mountains in disguise and her well being has been getting poor…

Unique Textual content

I see a person’s life is a tedious one,
I’ve tir’d myself: and for 2 nights collectively
Have made the bottom my mattress. I ought to be sick
However that my decision helps me: Milford,
When from the mountain-top Pisanio present’d thee,
Thou wast inside a ken. O Jove! I feel
Foundations fly the wretched; such, I imply,
The place they need to be reliev’d. Two beggars advised me
I couldn’t miss my means. Will poor people lie,
Which have afflictions on them, understanding ’tis
A punishment, or trial? Sure; no marvel,
When wealthy ones scarce inform true. To lapse in fulness
Is sorer than to lie for want, and falsehood
Is worse in kings than beggars. My expensive lord,
Thou artwork one o’ th’ false ones. Now I feel on thee,
My starvation’s gone, however even earlier than, I used to be
At level to sink, for meals. – However what is that this?
Here’s a path to’t; ’tis some savage maintain:
I had been finest not name; I dare not name: but famine,
Ere clear it o’erthrow Nature, makes it valiant.
Lots and peace breeds cowards, hardness ever
Of hardiness is mom. Ho! Who’s right here?
If any factor that’s civil, converse: if savage,
Take, or lend. Ho! No reply? Then I’ll enter.
Finest draw my sword; and if mine enemy
However concern the sword like me, he’ll scarcely look on’t.
Such a foe, good heavens!

Unfamiliar Language

Milford: Place. Milford Haven, the place Pisanio mentioned Imogen would meet Lucius, who would assist her.
Pisanio: Character. Servant to Imogen and dependable to her all through the play.
Ken: Inside attain
Jove: God
My expensive lord: Posthumus Leonatus, Imogen’s husband, who has betrayed her

Fashionable Translation

I now realise {that a} man’s life is a tough and tiring one!
I’m so drained: For 2 nights I’ve slept on the bottom.
I ought to hand over with exhaustion now had been it not for the truth that I should be near Milford. When Pisano pointed my in the direction of Milford the city solely appeared a short time away! Oh God! I feel all assist should abandon the damned. I even requested two beggars for assist and instructions they usually advised me I couldn’t miss the city! May they’ve lied, although they had been struggling too? Sure, after all – wealthy individuals hardly ever inform the reality, why shouldn’t the poor? To do incorrect when you’re rich is worse than to lie when you’re poor, mendacity is worse for Kings than it’s for beggars.
My husband: you’re one of many liars. Now that I’m enthusiastic about you my starvation has left me although I used to be about to faint from hunger.
Wait, what is that this? There’s a path right here to it: some hideout for savages.
I shouldn’t name out, I wouldn’t dare name out – however my starvation earlier than it kills me will make me brave. Privilege and peace makes individuals cowards; energy is borne from exhausting occasions. Hey? Is anybody there? If there’s any civilised individual in right here, converse! If there are any savages, give me meals or take my life! Hey! No reply? Okay, then I’ll go in. I higher get my sword out… if my enemy fears my sword as a lot as I do, he’ll barely be capable of have a look at it! Please let my enemy be this cowardly, God!

Notes On Efficiency

It is a soliloquy which is holding very true to kind. It begins with an issue, goes by means of a listing of arguments, and comes up with an answer. On this case, Imogen’s drawback is that she is misplaced and hungry, and she or he ought to have discovered her method to Milford Haven by now. She’s in denial of her state of affairs: the city seemed close to sufficient when Pisanio pointed it out to her. She even requested a number of beggars alongside the best way, absolutely they couldn’t have been mendacity to her, proper? Lastly and fortunately for Imogen, she discovers a cave the place she might take refuge. However maintain up, how did this daughter of the British King find yourself misplaced in a forest dressed as a person? Nicely, let’s cowl off on a number of of the conundrums Imogen faces at this second.

At this level within the play for Imogen, the whole lot appears the wrong way up. The person she cherished, Posthumus Leonatus (odd title, even for Shakespeare) has betrayed her. He was deceived by one other man, Iachimo, who has managed to persuade Posthumus that Imogen has been untrue. Posthumus believes Iachimo and the proof he has offered, and sends phrase to the servant Pisanio that Imogen is to be murdered. Pisanio, being endlessly devoted to Imogen, helps her escape Britain as an alternative of murdering her.

That’s loads of occasions for the actor enjoying Imogen to course of. The excellent news is, you don’t essentially should. Imogen has sufficient obstacles in entrance of her to beat, with out burdening herself with discovering the options for the explanations she needed to flee Britain. All of the actor must do with this soliloquy is construct the element of the obstacles on this planet round them: the isolation, the truth that she’s misplaced, the beggars and the actual fact they may have lied to her, the exhaustion. All of those elements are ‘targets’ exterior of the actor which they could focus their consideration in the direction of overcoming. Imogen should discover meals and shelter instantly, it’s a life and loss of life state of affairs. As is all the time the case in appearing, give attention to the target, not the impediment.

One different key issue of constructing this a profitable efficiency is remembering this: a monologue isn’t a monologue. By that I imply {that a} monologue is all the time a dialog, even when the character is alone. They’re utilizing their phrases to seek for solutions and help, whether or not it’s from the world round them, and even the viewers. The actor must ‘unlearn’ the truth that it is a monologue which might be uninterrupted for 20-30 strains. At any level somebody might come out of the cave, at any level Milford Haven might seem by means of the timber. Imogen should be regularly trying to find an answer and all the time permitting the ‘responses’ of the world round her to tell her subsequent actions and the best way she speaks her subsequent strains. On a technical degree, this boils right down to changing into fairly literal about issues. When Imogen asks a query, actually ask the query. Count on a solution. When she is speaking about one thing, she is seeing that factor, both on this planet round her or in her thoughts’s eye. The issues she is speaking about are ‘Targets’ as Declan Donellan would put it: issues exterior the actor which can energise the actor when they’re paid consideration. So, with that in thoughts, seek for the options to this conundrum! Don’t get misplaced in your head, simply because Imogen is misplaced within the woods.


Imogen is a golden purpose to not shrink back from Shakespeare’s extra daunting performs. The most effective methods I’ve discovered to entry the tricker performs within the canon is to organise a studying get together. Much like a e book membership, collect a gaggle of individuals round to learn the play out loud. It makes the play SO far more accessible than studying it alone in your head. On the finish of every scene or act, cease and talk about the occasions which have unfolded. Ask questions and lookup the solutions should you can’t determine something out. Be sure to’re all on the identical web page about what’s occurring. It’s difficult stuff! There’s no use letting delight get the higher of you and never partaking with Cymbeline as a result of it seems much less accessible than one other play.

Imogen, as a personality, is extra just like Roseline or Viola than she is to Girl Anne or one other of Shakespeare’s historic characters. She is fearless, impartial, and overcomes many challenges. She ought to be a high precedence for individuals trying so as to add characters/ monologues to their repertoire!



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