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Kelis Awkwardly Laughs As Two Asian Ladies Fondle Her Twists

It seems to be like Kelis pulls extra than simply the boys to her yard! Two Asian ladies determined to invade the singer’s private area for an uninvited inspection of her twisted coiffure.

On Friday (Oct. 21), the singer shared a video on her verified Instagram of two strangers seemingly unaware (or uncaring) of the disrespectful tone of touching somebody’s hair, notably a Black individual’s hair, with out their greenlight.

In response to a number of reviews, Kelis was spending time in Singapore when the unidentified strangers positioned themselves behind her. The entertainer gave the impression to be sitting with one other individual in a restaurant-like environment–given the angle and voice behind the recorded interplay.

How Kelis Reacted To Strangers Enjoying In Her Crown 

The video begins as the 2 casually dressed ladies are already fistfuls into learning Kelis’s copper-colored twists. Wearing denims and a flower-printed crimson crop high, the singer shared displeased facial expressions with the individual recording the second.

In the meantime, the 2 ladies spoke to one another in an Asian language as they shamelessly inspected a number of twisted strands of the waist-length look. At one level, the girl wearing yellow backed away barely when she seen she was being recorded.

However her buddy continued holding and inspecting Kelis’s hair after the singer rotated to face her–even mumbling “wow” on the hair sample.

Kelis returned the girl’s unwavering gesture by reaching up and grabbing a bit of her straight, black hair. However the lady remained unphased. As a substitute, she responded by grabbing her hair, sharing a couple of phrases in her language, and giving Kelis a thumbs up.

Then, each ladies resumed their invasion of Kelis’s area and hair. They spoke to one another, nodded, and continued to run their palms alongside the size of the twists. Kelis and her firm shared stifled laughs between the ladies’s oblivious actions.

Kelis Lets The Second Journey In Between Sarcastic Laughter

On the close to finish of the video, the individual recording inspired Kelis to “simply embrace it.” 

“Oh I wish to be touched,” Kelis sarcastically responded. “It’s nice.”

The individual recording continued to snigger. And Kelis seemingly tried to direct the ladies’s consideration elsewhere, however the video cuts off simply earlier than viewers can see the ultimate end result. It’s unclear how lengthy the interplay lasted or if Kelis ultimately misplaced her endurance with the exhibit-like therapy. Nonetheless, Kelis’s caption tone appeared informal for an offense typically not taken frivolously.

“I don’t even know what to say right here. Completely satisfied Freedom Friday fam,” she wrote.

As of Monday, Kelis hasn’t shared further feedback concerning the ladies’s invasive curiosity.

ALEXA, play Don’t Contact My Hair! 



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