Opinion: the good awakening of humanity begins in Brazil


By Flycode, Richard Mann, Reinhard Schroeder

(Opinion) There isn’t any turning again; it’s all or nothing for Brazil.

Supreme Courtroom Justice Alexandre de Moraes has blocked the accounts of a number of farmers and trucking firms and imposed fines of as much as 1,000,000 reais (US$170,000) for taking part within the demonstration for army intervention.

For that reason, all truck drivers all through Brazil have stopped indefinitely.

Both the individuals will get the army intervention as soon as and for all, or Brazil will sink into limitless chaos.

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Nothing shall be left to purchase within the supermarkets in a couple of days. The warning can even exit to the world as a result of we all know all the things is linked.

The Earth Alliance is working collectively synchronously.

(Truckers in Brazil are getting right into a place to paralyze your complete nation.)

If the army takes energy in Brazil, it is going to set off a domino impact in different international locations.

Their militaries can even take energy to guard their respective nations.

We’re writing these strains due to Brazil’s present political scenario and occasions. These occasions have the potential to make a big contribution to the awakening of all humanity as a result of they’ve a global dimension that can not be overestimated.

Many of those penalties will already unfold step-by-step within the coming days and weeks.

Brazil is at some extent in its historical past the place the present presidential election is now not simply in regards to the electoral platform of 1 facet or the opposite, about proper versus left or different conventional distinctions, however in regards to the continuation of the overriding values of freedom, self-determination, human dignity, and democracy.

In our view, within the medium to long run, it’s even in regards to the continued existence of the Brazilian nation as a sovereign state and the world order that’s transitioning from a unipolar to a multipolar mannequin.

On the non secular stage, this goes hand in hand with the preliminary ignition of a quantum leap within the improvement of humanity and the enlargement of human consciousness.

After these preliminary remarks, now to the present occasions in Brazil.

Proof has emerged of systematic electoral fraud in Oct. 2 (first spherical) and Oct. 30 (runoff) presidential elections.

Impartial audits based mostly on the official knowledge offered by the Brazilian Superior Electoral Courtroom TSE utilizing totally different strategies of study present such critical proof of manipulation that we wish to make it accessible right here and right here and right here so that everybody can kind their very own opinion on it.

An nameless group of IT specialists and mathematicians produced the first supply in English.

The authors needed to stay nameless as a result of questioning the election outcomes alone has develop into a punishable offense in Brazil.

The authors of this evaluate conclude that their mathematical methodology (Newcomb-Benford’s Regulation), which they used for this goal and which can also be acknowledged by Brazilian establishments, obtained acceptable outcomes.

This supplies ample warnings to make an much more detailed audit appear crucial since Brazil’s nationwide sovereignty is at stake towards the backdrop of seen and tangible worldwide pursuits.

The second supply is a desk with an excerpt of information from the official web site of the Brazilian Electoral Courtroom.

There, anomalies are listed from polls the place candidate Bolsonaro obtained zero votes or vote shares in single digits.

Within the reverse case, no poll field has but been recognized the place candidate Lula da Silva obtained lower than 21.6%.

Brazilians and Canadians have one thing in common. They both stand up against a system that step by step wants to introduce a system of oppression. (Photo internet reproduction)
Brazilians and Canadians have one factor in widespread. They each get up towards authorities that, step-by-step, wish to introduce a system of oppression. (Photograph web copy)

In the latest improvement, the TSE seems to have deleted the poll packing containers with zero votes from the database.

The third supply is a non-public audit by one other group of specialists with a special method.

This audit was introduced reside through YouTube. The video has since been blocked there.

It could actually nonetheless be seen at this hyperlink. A PDF doc with the presentation slides can also be accessible.

The video is in Spanish with a Portuguese translation. The presentation is in Portuguese.

Due to the specter of punishment, this video needed to be broadcast from Argentina.

The content material might be summarized as follows: There are 5 fashions of digital urns in Brazil.

The one poll packing containers with a chance of the audit are the newest fashions from 2020, which additionally present regular conduct with an anticipated distribution between the 2 presidential candidates, Lula da Silva and Bolsonaro.

Brazil has 5 electoral areas. Bolsonaro received 4 of them.

In the one area Lula received, the Northeast of the nation, Bolsonaro acquired about 37% of the vote on the newest polls.

However in any respect different polls, which aren’t auditable, solely about 25% of the vote. These discrepancies improve much more in small cities within the hinterlands of the Northeast.

The outcome within the Northeast in the end turned Bolsonaro’s lead within the different 4 areas right into a deficit on the nationwide stage (last official outcome 50.9% Lula and 49.1% Bolsonaro).

(That is the sentiment felt by a quickly rising variety of Brazilians)

Because of the extreme proof of electoral fraud, the opacity of the electoral course of, using state censorship measures, and the extremely polarizing nature of the marketing campaign, individuals in Brazil are taking to the streets first within the tons of of 1000’s, then within the hundreds of thousands and really quickly within the tenth of hundreds of thousands.

The biggest demonstrations in Brazil’s historical past are presently underway.

The crowds are gathering, particularly in entrance of the barracks of the armed forces.

Nonetheless, these persons are not involved with bringing a few army coup or sending tanks into the streets however relatively with an audit of the outcome unbiased of the electoral court docket TSE.

Of their notion, this court docket is extremely biased and corrupt.

The army has the know-how and the technical and human assets to conduct such an audit.

This chance to audit is roofed by the Brazilian Structure and was introduced by the president throughout the election marketing campaign.

Particularly, the army may go into motion when the safety and sovereignty of the Brazilian state are threatened.

And the Brazilian Structure explicitly states that if there’s a dispute over the separation of powers, as is now growing as the best Judiciary, the Brazilian Supreme Courtroom, beneath the management of Alexandre de Moraes, censors members of the legislative and government branches, the army should arbitrate that dispute.

Thus, the mere suspicion of corrupting the electoral course of constitutionally permits for this chance.

The Protection Ministry’s audit of the digital poll packing containers mentioned on its 65 pages, “We consider there are particular issues that we weren’t allowed to audit that look doubtlessly fraudulent.”

They didn’t say it was a fraud as a result of the Superior Electoral Courtroom, TSE, prevented them from doing a correct audit.

TSE has denied the armed forces entry to the gear
TSE has denied the armed forces entry to specification knowledge
TSE has denied the armed forces entry to supply codes

The TSE is a subsidiary court docket of the Brazilian Supreme Courtroom STF.

And never coincidentally, it was headed by the identical determine, Alexandre de Moraes, who’s the general public enemy No. 1 for liberals in Brazil, left and proper.

Moraes behaves like a judicial tyrant, dictating laws and/or the Judiciary. He places journalists in jail and modifications legal guidelines, although the STF doesn’t have the authorized proper to take action.

Underneath the Brazilian Structure, additionally it is the army’s accountability to evaluate elections when fraud and irregularities are suspected.

In the meantime, the TSE prevented the army from auditing, and now the STF brazenly discusses the necessity to arrest the protection minister.

(This younger Brazilian girl sums it up)

They’re doing this as a result of they know that the army is on the facet of the individuals. Persons are protesting in entrance of army barracks for a cause.

If the Brazilian press takes up the difficulty, the demonstrations are portrayed as an assault on democracy.

The phrase you’ll be able to learn in all places again and again in all of the previous media is anti-democratic in terms of the protests which might be already being referred to as ‘The Brazilian Spring’.

It’s written that persons are demanding army intervention, however not why.

On Friday evening, Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão referred to as a spade a spade.

He wrote on Twitter:

Sadly, at this time in Brazil, we’re witnessing a violation of the federal pact dedicated by the best authority of the Judiciary.

Unconstitutional and unlawful measures are determined monocratically and assault federal autonomy.

Due to this fact, it is not going to be simple for the previous media in Brazil and elsewhere to proceed to disclaim the favored rebellion, the Brazilian Spring, and its causes.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the previous established media discuss it.

Different media are filled with experiences, and the variety of readers of different media has lengthy since overtaken the readership of the previous media in dimension.

Brazil is changing into a full-blown dictatorship led by the judges of the out-of-control Supreme Courtroom and their chief, Alexandre de Moraes.

Censorship has now taken on horrifying kinds in Brazil.

Print media, tv channels, and personal people have been banned from doubting the election outcomes.

Violators face a whole shutdown of communication channels and fines. Social media accounts have already been blocked on a big scale, even by quite a few members of Congress and senators.

Maybe surprisingly for some readers, nevertheless, the risk to freedom of expression doesn’t come from the supposedly “evil” facet (Bolsonaro) however from the facet praised because the “good” one (Lula da Silva).

It’s maybe time to free ourselves from polarity, enable for differentiation, and assist the reality break by means of.

We’re in an data conflict worldwide.

No one can course of all related details anymore. No one can distinguish the reality from the lie anymore, based mostly solely on their very own mind, if just for causes of time.

Everybody chooses sources of knowledge and media for himself, wherein he places his belief to assist his personal thoughts.

Worldwide, opinions have develop into extremely polarized to the purpose the place one can say that humanity now lives in solely totally different realities.

Basically, two poles are crystallizing.

We reside in a twin world. This proves that the human thoughts can feed us illusions. How can we ensure that now we have all the time taken the best “fork” between the poles and that we reside within the “proper” actuality?

Maybe it’s time to embrace the voice of our coronary heart in our consideration.

We should always perceive that the in all places pressured division of the world and folks into good and evil is an phantasm.

The manipulative methods of various curiosity teams management this division.

The precept of “divide et impera” (Latin: divide and rule) was already adopted by the leaders of the Roman Empire.

Nobody is simply good or solely evil.

On a non secular stage, we’re all instruments of a divine plan, now we have particular person experiences, and the “unhealthy guys” have the duty on this plan to behave as improvement engines of the collective soul improvement.

As humanity, we’re all on a fantastic collective hero’s journey collectively. Who’s the hero and who’s the villain is all the time within the eye of the beholder.

Lots of a hero’s journeys have additionally caused a change in these roles. Nonetheless, by means of most polarization, they each assist humanity to search out its method again to the sunshine and a brand new stability on a collective stage.

Collective experiences can take us to a brand new stage of improvement.

Since these sorts of occasions are actually manifesting concurrently in lots of international locations, the upcoming step for humanity shall be a very large one.

And Brazil is taking the lead because the very first nation to indicate the world the way in which ahead.

God bless Brazil.

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